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Azania Lives: South Africa's Democratic Odyssey, a New Journey for Every Citizen
Author: Madindwa Mbethe Josias Mashinini
Publish Date: Pending

The purpose of this book was an indepth investigation into the author's beliefs that South Africa has the right ‘spirit of a nation’ bequeathed to her by her forebears, as symbolically represented by Biko, Mandela and Sobukwe. He contemplates a democratic journey that should properly link the past (of each individual citizen of South Africa) with their present and their future.

The storm clouds represent South Africa's unsettled past and this could have lead to a civil war. The turmoil in the storm clouds is nagated by the face of a hopefull child and the the images of Steve Biko and Robert Sobukwe alongside Mandela. The trio's leadership symbolism has been used as a theme for the book.

The book speaks of a new journey for every citizen which is graphically represented by the "Road to a distant but unknown place".

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