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Corporate IT is a big information technology service provider located in Vancouver, Canada. They take care of all the daily issues that can arise on a client's network and with individual users. The key to their high quality service offering is the Corporate IT Team, their professional engineering and consulting staff, their Help Desk and their top class support tools. They required a top class website worthy of international visitors with a fast turn-arouns time.

There is a 10 hour time difference between Canada and South Africa but this did not pose any problems for us with regard to communication. We organised regular Skype conferencing sessions with them to make sure the project stays on track.

We really appreciated the positive feedback on the website from the CEO of Corporate IT: "Wow. Very fast out of the gate. I am impressed. I thought my content was over bearing, but your layout and touches just cleans it up. I appreciate some of the word-smithing you have done. I am glad this project is allowing you to command a higher value. Once this one is done, we can work on the next one." - Klaus Rudert, CEO Corporate IT

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