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Service Integartion and Management Consulting is an I.T. firm located in Johannesburg that specializes in integrating many business services, including telecoms and I.T. into one centralised service. They wanted a simple, yet memorable logo that conveyed this message clearly. The logo posed a challenge because of the length of the company name that was not to be abbreviated.

To balance the lenth of the company name we opted for a circular icon, strategically placed above the name. The circle is a universal symbol that represents the notions of totality, wholeness and perfection. In this instance it also symbolises unity. The smaller white satellite discs connected to a big central white disc is representative of the different services that are being integrated into one whole. This is reiterated by the arrows pointing to the center of the main icon.

Vibrant blue indicates strength and dependability. Green has become synonimous with the I.T. industry as companies aim to become eco-friendly by reducing their carbon footprint. It is also associated with safety and progress.

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